N Inc.

I work with small creative studios &  brands to provide strategic stability & growth.

My mission is to grow businesses through:
     •   Identifying strengths & making them profitable
     •   Creating a tailored approach to growth + new business
     •   Providing perspective & support for complex client issues


Let's Work Together

I work best with those who want to:

  • Bring focus back to being creative

  • Increase 'good' leads 

  • Avoid spending time on internal issues

  • Implement processes that help a business 'run itself'

Looking at all the things that impact profit ensures a holistically healthy business .


Where to Start

Growth opportunities are established
through a 3-step process:

Step 1:

Analysis &

• Analyze finance and operations practices

• Align on future goals and current standing

Step 2:

Solutions & Tracking

• Deliver solutions to current hurdles & create path to future

• Setup of dashboard to easily track financials & progress

Step 3:

Guidance & Monitoring

• Guidance on any necessary shifts

• Monitoring of all progress via workshop calls

Additionally, I support on:

  • Project pricing + scoping

  • Streamlining operations

  • Resourcing best practices

  • New business outreach

  • Client relations


Located in NY — I've had the pleasure of working with Virtually Real, Li Inc, Uniqlo, NR2154, Future Proper, Rizzoli, Diesel, Field Mag, Mociun, OKO Group, The Arrivals & more.